Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hello and welcome!

So a while back, Mom and I decided to write a bunch of recipes and launch a cooking show. But that was too much work. Mostly work that we didn't really know how to go about doing, even though I live in LA and work in the film industry. So we decided to write a cookbook. But . . . it turns out that writing? Is a lot of work - without a lot of feedback. And I can't speak for Mom, but I LIVE for feedback. Seriously. And the thought of writing a cookbook, all those recipes, for a year or a year and a half without hearing people tell me how fantastic we were or how horrible we were? The stuff of nightmares, I tell you! ;)

No, really. We like to cook. I eat meat, and she doesn't. And not to toot my mom's horn for her, but her recipes? ROCK. They're not all grain- and pasta-based, so you won't overload on simple carbs while trying to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle, and they ACTUALLY TASTE GOOD. I know, I know. Vegetarian food usually tastes like health food. (Well, in my opinion, anyway.) But hers does NOT. Even meat-eaters like my mom's food. Even *I* like my mom's food!

And as for me, well, I learned from the best. (I wonder if that will get me a good birthday present? Mom? No? Crap.) I do usually cook with meat, although a lot of my recipes are alterable to fit a veggie lifestyle.

And the reason for a blog? Well, eventually we hope to use the content from here to launch a cooking website that will include everything from advanced recipes to easy, throw-it-together-in-10-minutes dinners. (If that last subject is your preference, search labels for "What I Ate For Dinner.")

ANYWAY. I'll stop rambling now. Things you should know:
I'll post a new recipe every Sunday.
Mom will post a new recipe every Wednesday.
In between we might post extra recipes, funny stories about dinners (and dinner disasters - ask Mom about my Minute Rice), random soapbox essays, whatever.
We probably won't post every day (at least in the beginning), but you're guaranteed new content Sunday and Wednesday.

We hope you'll come back and tell us how the recipes worked out for you! :)


  1. Hi, guys! I'm so excited you're here! :D *jumps up and down* Hee!

  2. FINALLY!!! I'm so glad you are doing this!!! I am learning to cook - every Tuesday night I try something new - and was in desperate need of some recipes!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  3. Hey, Erin! Well, I hope you get some good recipes out of this. :)


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