Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"What I Ate for Dinner"

So Mom and I were talking, and we realized that sometimes the best "recipes" aren't really recipes at all. Sometimes the stuff we make is a hodge-podge of store-bought items, thrown together in a short and/or easy method.

So we decided to include a Label called "What I Ate for Dinner." These are things we didn't really feel deserved the title of "recipe," but they are useful "quickie" sorts of dishes, nonetheless. The kind of thing where you could buy 2 or 3 prepared ingredients at the store, put them together and call it a meal.

So when you see that label, be advised that there may or may not be exact proportions. There may or may not be things you already have on hand. But there will DEFINITELY be something with a few ingredients that you either have, or can pick up at the market on the way home, and have food on the table super-fast. There will be desserts, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, but the label will always be "What I Ate for Dinner."


  1. Do you mean like soycorn dog, weight watchers fudge bar and an artichoke?

  2. LOL! Kind of, but with more "put-together" food! This week I'll probably do steamed clams in white wine sauce over wax beans with some Parmesan. All from a package! ;D

  3. yeah... most of what I cook doesn't have a recipe. :-)

  4. Sassy, I know, right? And I kept getting frustrated, because so often I'll throw something together, but it's not really a RECIPE, you know? So Mom and I decided we needed a whole separate category. :D


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