Thursday, April 9, 2009

What I Ate for Dinner, Redux

So remember this post? Yeah. We haven't been so great about posting to that category (or at least *I* haven't - it was my bright idea, so I won't hold Mom to posting it). ;)

But last week when we were away, I remembered to program a post. And that made me feel like maybe, just MAYBE I was going to be ok and consistent about things. Woo-hoo! So I'm resurrecting this category as a permanent fixture.

I'll post something every Friday under "What I Ate for Dinner." It won't always be dinner, and often it won't really be "recipes," per se. It will be more the kind of thing where you can buy a couple of packages of things and throw them together for a quickie, last-minute meal. There will probably be heavy use of the microwave, since that's a quick and easy way to heat things up.

And it won't necessarily be "dinner," either. Tomorrow I'm posting breakfast (for instance). But whatever it is, it will show up on Fridays, and it will be something dead easy. No complicated recipes here. (And like I said, usually things I wouldn't really consider "recipes" at all.)

So come on back tomorrow! :D

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  1. Someone somewhere sometime suggested taking photos of your food that you eat. Try it and see if you're willing to eat what you prepare to take the photos of.
    I'm not willing.
    You do it.


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